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Pay Attention To These 6 Of The Worst Things To Do In The Morning

No single person wants a sluggish start to their day. However, it is incredibly easy to do that by following small missteps that can set a bad tone to your day.

Let’s find out how you can improve your mornings.

1. Carbs for breakfast

We all have been told ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper’ but we might be getting it wrong altogether. If you think loading up on carbs for breakfast is right, it is not. Having a carb loaded breakfast such as sugary cereals, bread etc.They are simple carbohydrates that will make you feel hungry faster. Instead, focus on proteins or smoothies with nuts. Or opt for complex carbs like oats, which will keep you full longer.

2. Losing your sleep to hit the gym

Working out is extremely essential, so is good night sleep. If you are serious about shedding weight and maintaining a healthy routine, don’t sleep less to make time for exercising. If your body isn’t rested well, you will see a dip in your performance at the gym as well as your work. So sleep well to build your stamina.

3. Brushing after breakfast

Brush your teeth the first thing in the morning. Don’t wait till finishing your breakfast. If you have had anything acidic in your breakfast (juices, curd, coffee), brushing your teeth will affect the tooth enamel. You definitely don’t want to risk that.

4. Taking a hot shower

A hot warm shower is surely soothing but you need a cold shower in the morning to wake up your body from slumber. Warm water sends signs to your nervous system that it is time for muscles to relax- it can make you feel tired. So opt for a cold shower.

5. Checking office emails and Whatsapp

What do you do the first thing in the morning? Most of you will say ‘check our phones’. Looking at the phone screen right after waking up can be detrimental to your eyes because your eyes don’t have much moisture when you wake up. And it can leave you uncomfortable.

6. Keeping the lights off

A lot of us keep our blinds down and avoid switching on the lights in the morning to help the bedtime to morning transition smooth. But your body clock is sensitive to light as well as darkness – it needs a signal that it is morning to charge you up for the day.

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